Have you ever had a baked potato at a place like Outback Steakhouse in all it’s fluffy, buttery, glory and wondered why your baked potatoes don’t seem to pack the same punch at home? I have perfected the ultimated baked potato and you’re lucky enough to be reading this right now when I’m sharing my secret!

Idaho Potatoes (enough to feed the crew)
Coarsely Grated Sea Salt
Olive Oil
The fixings – optional but always welcomed – butter, sour cream, shredded cheese (mix of cheddar and american if I have my way), green onions, bacon bits, and chives
Poke freshly cleaned potatoes with a fork Microwave until skin barely starts to wrinkle – 7 or so minutes for 2 medium potatoes 12 or so for 4 or more. I like to turn them 1/2 way through cooking.
Roll in olive oil and sea salt. Be careful.. these guys are HOOOOOOT!
Grill (or you can bake if your dinner is in the over rather than on the grill) on the top rack for 15 minutes or until your other food is done cooking. After you take them off the gril, they should be ready to serve. Cut a long line across the top of the potato. Pinch from the bottom and push toward the middle of the potato and up… don’t skip this step.. it breaks apart the beautiful fluffiness of your perfect potato. Enjoy!