Believe me.. you’re going to thank me later. These taste WAY more indulgent than the 3 ingredients make them out to be.

The best part about this recipe is you can get creative with it.  For Christmas, I like to top them with crushed candy canes or for halloween I die the white chocolate orange.  These are seriously so yummy and I’m always asked to bring these to birthday parties, cookie bakes, and work functions!

1 bag Oreos (regular not double stuff)
8 oz cream cheese SOFTENED (important)
2 pks of white chocolate squares for melting

Crush Oreo in Food Processor or Blender

Add about 6-7 oz of cream cheese (you want it to be moist but not oily – can get oily if you add entire 8oz of cream cheese) to oreo mixture
Mix thoroughly – may take a few minutes to get worked in.  The the consistancy will be sticky.  You might want to use your hands for this part.
Roll into 1 inch balls
Put on parchment paper on large cookie sheet
Melt chocolate in skillet at low heat
Roll each ball individually in chocolate – I find two forks work well as roling tools
Put back on parchment and put in fridge to harden

Store in air tight container in fridge