Sometimes it’s not all about the drink… it’s about the presentation! If you want to make a splash at your next party, girls night, or vacation you should try this simple, yet impressive garnish.

I’ve actually used star fruit as the perfect tropical garnish for lots of different drinks throughout the years. It’s great for martinis, mimosas (my favorite mimosa recipe to follow) or even margaritas. I love this mango mimosa recipe because it doesn’t stray too far from traditional OJ and gives your drink a tropical flare.

Favorite Champagne
Mango Juice (my favorite is “Petit” brand and it’s found in the Ethnic Section of my grocery store)

Star Fruit Garnish for drinks

PJ with Star Fruit

Mix 2 parts champagne with 1 part mango juice. (Obviously this is up to you, I would never judge someone who wants more champagne than my 2-1 ratio)
Slice the star fuit on it’s side so the cut pieces look like stars. Cut a slit in between one of the points and garnish the glass.

As I said before, this is one of my favorite garnishes. It looks so fancy, yet it’s incredibly simple. My husband and I used this as a prop during our engagement photo shoot (so I’ve included that picture here as well) and all the pictures turned out so well. So get creative ladies.. and be sure to let me know what cool ways you’ve incorporated star fruit into your drinks, desserts, or dishes.