3 yellow onions
2 white onions
¾ stick of butter
2 – 32 oz of beef broth
White pepper
Sea Salt
½ cup sherry wine
6 cheese Italian – shredded
Provolone cheese – sliced
French baguette
Olive oil

Chop onions into desired size – I like them about ¼ inch think and 2 inches long
Melt butter in large pot add Garlic to taste
Cook onions on med/high in butter until translucent
Add ½ cup sherry wine and cook for 15-20 minutes until reduced – medium heat
Add white pepper, salt, and Thyme to taste.
Dust onions with flour – stir well – turn heat to med low cook for 10 mins
Add Broth and turn heat to medium – cook until ready to eat

Cut baguette into bite sized pieces and brush with olive oil. Add garlic for flavor and bake at 350 for 10 mins.

Spoon soup into oven safe bowls (I like to use crocks with a handle) and top with bread and then provolone and Italian cheese. Tip: put bowls on a cookie sheet for easy removal.

Broil for 1 min or so until cheese starts to brown.